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Choosing to Forgive ... and Forget?
Power to Make Better Choices
Old Creatures Don't Go to Heaven
Church! Let My Saints Go!
Tearing Down Strongholds
The Watchman Anointing


Choosing to Forgive ... and Forget?

The number reason that people do not reach their potential in life is not because of choices that other people make, because of circumstances beyond their control or because of their own lack of ability. The main reason that they can miss their own destiny is because they have not chosen to completely forgive those who have brought offense. God has impressed me to press in further to my potential by pressing in to His riches in GRACE FOR OTHERS.

He has impressed me that the higher levels in Him are full of absolute grace for others (like the grace that I have requested for myself, having been the chief of sinners.) He has required me to submit to a more stringent test that I would like to share with you, because the freedom found in accomplishing forgiveness is awesome. The pure in heart see and know the awesome grace of God's forgiveness. I covet the very best for you, and I and our offenders.


· Do you still give into the temptation to tell someone how they hurt you?

· Do you hope that they feel bad or uncomfortable around you?

· Do you still avoid them or happen to leave them out?

· Do you claim your rights to apology, vindication or restitution?

· Do you still hope that they will be exposed and punished?

· Do you still rehearse what you could have said or done to retaliate?

· Are you surprised when God prefers to use them in His service?

· Have you lost spiritual power and hear God less clearly than you did before?

· Do you have physical problems, aches and pains that have no cure?

· Is your sleep disturbed? Not restful? Troubled with dreams?

· Are you still justifying your defenses and fleshly self-protection?

· Are you keeping a better record of their wrongs than your unforgiving reactions?


(Score yourself by subtracting 8 points from 100, for every "yes" answer.) Read Romans 12 for a beautiful word picture of the one who truly forgives and have confidence that Jesus will accomplish forgiveness in you. Believe that you will be without hypocrisy, clinging to good, hating evil, kindly affectionate, humble, preferring that the other be blessed, willing to feed them, give them living water, invest in their future, rejoice when they are promoted over you ... and overcome evil (in your own heart) with good.


Choose to receive the inexhaustible fullness of the grace of God for them and yourself.


If you have a forgiveness testimony, please send me a copy that I can post on our web site to encourage others. Be blessed and stay under the fountain of God's favor. Carlotta, at Cross Walk Life

Cross Walk Choices

Truth and power to make better choices

Have you wondered how some Christians can just pick up and move to parts unknown with the assurance that God has led them? How can we believe that God will provide, when we take what appears to be big risks to the natural man? How can we have confidence to risk it all, when the "Holy Spirit leads us" to leave perfectly good jobs, friends or family and reach out to people we don't even know?

God is calling us to make big choices in these last crucial days and is revealing to us who the object of our faith really is. Many of us say "In God we trust" but we really trust more in our own resources. I was studying George Mueller (who ran an orphanage and ministry for 66 years on God's provision alone) and I was reminded of several characteristics common to people who have a life style of living by "faith in God."

1. Dependence upon the goodness of God, not ourselves. Our right standing with God is based on the righteousness the Lord Jesus Christ gave us as a gift, and is the only ground for any claim of undeserved favor. We choose a child-like abandon to Him as our provider, while we fulfill His purposes in agreement with His heart.

2. Separation from all of our former gods and crutches. "Sin" can be defined as choosing to get our needs met outside of the will of God. God is our source and we choose absolute reliance on Jesus Christ, 100% obedience, and choose to stay in position under the fountain of His blessing.

3. Faith in God's promises as confirmed by His word. We know that we are little and He alone is BIG; not to believe Him is to make Him both a liar and fallible. We choose to lay aside every crutch that we used to substitute for His provision and to run ahead of His timing. We choose to lay aside our doubts and fears; we choose faith that honors Him

4. Asking in accordance with what is on God's heart. We choose Godly motives and must not seek any gift of God to consume it upon our own self-centered lusts. We choose to agree with God. As we seek His Kingdom first, to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, "all these things will be added unto us." Matt.6:33 As we lay down our own goals, we enjoy an immunity from frustration, because we are content with His will, way and timing.

5. Waiting on God and waiting for God. We choose not to focus on any other source of provision, not to focus on the challenges or blocks, or any doubt or fear that has built a wall between us and God in the past. We choose to trust God's perfect timing. While we say that we are waiting on God, many times God is actually waiting on us, to come into agreement with Him.

George Meuller reportedly had several practices he called prayer secrets:

  • He kept a journal of daily petitions and specific answers.

  • He believed that nothing was too small to pray about.

  • He also thought that laying up stores or hoarding money was inconsistent with a life of faith. (Keep sowing.)

  • He believed four hours of work after an hour of prayer would accomplish more than five hours of work without prayer.

  • He prayed for more orphans more than he prayed for more money, for a house, for helpers, furniture, etc.

  • George created a "memory reminder" to help him to recall God's faithfulness.

I can only add that we cannot ask to live a life with supernatural intervention unless we will allow God to bring circumstances into our lives that require His supernatural intervention.

So let's choose to trust Him and enjoy the voyage!



A response to some questions about our "new man" in Christ and the relevance of our "old man" being dead in Romans

I am a theology major but I don't like to argue, so I am simply "offering my understanding" of the Greek definition of our new nature in Romans. I welcome replies and questions because I can take them to Jesus and begin to know Him even better.

I believe that Romans 6 is about believing that our old
unregenerate nature was crucified with Christ and that we have been raised with Him in newness of spirit, partakers of a new nature. Romans 7 tells me that the struggle for a consistent Christian life is between the spirit and flesh, if you go by the Greek definition "flesh" (instead of old nature as the NIV and LB have carelessly changed it.) Romans 8 continues to emphasize our walk after the Spirit rather than the flesh ...

What does it matter? If you believe that your nature, your essential being, is the "old man" you will walk out of that belief. If you believe that the struggle in Romans 7 is not about your essential nature or identity, but a struggle between your flesh and your new spirit, then you are free to walk out of your new identity.

I believe that this message is essential to our understanding of our identity in Christ. If we believe that we are a new creature (not just 1/2 new and 1/2 old) we will walk out of our new nature and have confidence that our spirit can be one with His Spirit as in 1 Cor.6:17 If we believe the NIV and LB, we may accept the preaching that tends to imply that "we are just as likely to sin as to walk in the spirit, because we still have our old unregenerate nature and it is winning over the new nature inside us ... And certainly we could not presume to believe that we could be one with His Spirit, because we are half old nature or old man."
Now to the verses in question --

I find it odd that people preach Romans 7:1-6 totally out of the context of this identity discussion. The context is not about divorce primarily, but about who we are in Christ and how to bear fruit consistently. He points out that we cannot be in union with the law of sin and death and with the gospel of grace both. We basically cannot be married to our own works for fruitfulness and be in union with the grace of Jesus too. Either we believe that in our oneness with Christ that we have to try and bear the fruit FOR Him.

I believe that Paul uses the illustration of a covenant relationship (between the Bride of Christ and Jesus our Groom) to come against performance based service, designed to earn God's acceptance, by bearing a lot of Christian fruit. Ironically, many Pastors seem to be in disagreement with this, as they pressure people to bear fruit rather than let them know that the oneness is the key.

I think that Paul is saying that in the natural, you aren't free to have another relationship until you die to the first one completely
, but most of us still hope to offer a great performance to God - i.e. to do something FOR Him. Paul is stressing that all fruit comes out of union in the natural life and in the spiritual life too. Isn't it wonderful? Branches don't bear fruit by grunting and straining harder, but by being in union with the tree. Friendship alone will not do it, nor hoping, nor trying. But with our own "old man" dead, we are free to marry Jesus Christ and where union is, something wonderful will eventually be birthed!

This is a huge subject and I don't expect that many of us agree on everything. I simply know that once I began to reckon my "old man dead" because Jesus says it is, I began to walk out of that new nature with a new confidence that I was "in Christ." I had a new faith that walking in the spirit is entirely possible because I am partaker of a new nature
, which is one with His nature. I do ask Jesus to crucify my flesh, as needed; I cannot do that in my own steam either.

We aren't "old men" with tickets to heaven; we are "born again" spiritual people,
who wrestle with the flesh sometimes.

Thank God for our new man - born again - one with His spirit - able to bear His fruit out of union with Him.

Christ, the Fullness of the Godhead is in me and I am in Him, Carlotta

Church! Let my saints go!

I hear a very loud word from the Lord today, commanding the church to release the saints (members of the church without walls) to go into all the earth, with the simple love of Jesus. The Pharisees, religious leaders, were jealous when the “whole world went after Jesus” and bypassed their religious system. John 12:19 Jesus is saying enough of this huge religious machine, enough of “selling ministry franchises”, enough of the jumping through religious hoops to reach God or to be prepared for ministry! If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed! John 8:36

Jesus is saying, “Let me turn your world upside down; let me send you like I did Mary.” She didn’t say, “Oh, but I must go to more conferences, have proper degrees, be certified and released by these ministries.” She said simply, “Be it unto me.” If you teach Jesus, preach Jesus and share Jesus, you will see results; people will love and serve Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is crying out, “Its time to lift the Son up," yet we exalt and idolize ministries and what we call maturity. Our religious pride, "Christianese" talk and perfectionistic preparation for ministry is putting people off and holding them back. Our focus on our own growth and gifts has made us self-centered; we are like fat horses foundering in the stall. You have Christ in you, the fullness of the Godhead. You are called, holy, forgiven, blameless and anointed! Receive His righteousness, as His gift. Jesus came not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:14

Jesus said that He was talking about the Pharisee in each of us that supports the caste system in the body of Christ, with its difficult requirements, bureaucracy, necessity of the religious Ph.D. (piled high and deep), need to perform until the right to buy a religious franchise is earned, and yet, not sharing Jesus!! Endless hours are spent in constant meetings to warfare against the devil and to war for revival, while sharing the gospel is neglected. Growth charts, budgets, goals, brochures, videos, and tapes have replaced a genuine passion for Jesus which results in compassion for people.

Jesus is pleading with us to go out two by two and simply invite real people to “to eat the living bread found only in Him.” John 6:51 The church, like Pilate, has delivered Jesus to the will of the people. We are comfortable with our methods, steps and programs. Jesus kept it simple. We have no record of Him sharing the entire “Roman road” or the "4 steps" of the gospel all at once. He replaced the seminary of that day with personal discipleship by hanging out with real people. Yes, training is good, but when does it take effect?

Church, we need to see how we oppose ourselves. (ll Tim.24-25) I am deeply convicted that we constantly preach that people should “Go and share the gospel” but we seldom take others with us … seldom demonstrate sharing the gospel. God wants to release a saints movement in which we will go out in TEAMS, show them, not just tell them. What if the requirements to become a Pastor were reduced to winning enough people to Christ (yourself) in order to have a group of people to love??

Instead, the Lord is saying that we are like the disciples that complained, “Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he isn’t following us – and we forbade him because he wasn’t following us.” Jesus is saying, “At the least, quit being a stumbling block to the saints movement. Quit lifting up your denomination, training or education." The Spirit of God says, “He who has builded the house is worthy of more honor than the house!” Heb.3:17

Furthermore, there is a great repositioning going on in God’s family, geographically and positionally. The meaning of l Cor.12:18 will become clear as the Spirit of Almighty God “will set every one in the body, as it pleases Him!” without regard to the job requirements that we have set in stone. In John 4, Jesus said the day is coming when you won’t boast that you worship better at this location or that, but you will worship me in Spirit and Truth.

The unlikely will become leaders as Jesus supernaturally qualifies them and the “qualified” may be moved to new positions. Those who you think are less honorable will have more abundant honor. Church, let the saints go and let them go with your encouragement!

The thief has come to steal the abundant life and the little Pharisee inside of each of us has replaced it with complexities. Jesus went about healing people with a touch, a word, mud or spit. He never presented multiple steps to anything. They brought them to Jesus and He healed them. They brought them to the disciples and they were freed, simply for the asking. We have been taught to hide behind walls of feeling unprepared, uneducated, unworthy or immature in Christ.

Jesus, is simply saying, “Bring them to Me” and “Lift Me up and I will draw them to Me.” Just invite them to “Touch the hem of His garment,” to go ahead, “Stand up and Walk.” Release the saints to pray simple childlike prayers. Everyone can bring them to their home and break bread with them, like they did in Acts 2. Everyone is invited to receive the power to be a witness. Everyone is invited to “covet the best gifts.” l Cor.12 and 14. Everyone is commissioned to “Go and teach, Go and make disciples.” Matt.28

How do we get started? Simply ask Jesus everyday, "Who's next, Jesus?" Everyone has something to share; give what you've got. "Who's next, Jesus?" There are plenty of people out there who know less than you do about Jesus. Give your testimony, lift His name up and WATCH HIS FAITHFULNESS!

Anointing, fall on me. Anointing, fall on me. Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me. Anointing, fall on me. Agree with me that the miraculous saving power of Jesus is already falling in and through us. Father, release your compassion and courage to demonstrate your heart to real people this very day. We expect your signs and wonders to follow our testimony as we believe and move in your anointing.

Church, let my saints go!

Prepare for Revival

Whenever I think seriously about preparing for revival, I think prayer and repentance. Praying Scripture with our 40 day Strategy is the best way I know to tear down the fleshly strongholds that prevent revival.

The battle is on, there is no neutralized zone and we will all be in the battle, either on the bottom or the top!

TEARING DOWN STRONGHOLDS is a commitment to corporate prayer, using specific scriptures to expose and tear down the following strongholds:
Bitterness, Jealousy, Shame/Fear/Control, Unloving Spirits, Rejection, Accusation, Witchcraft and Religious Spirits, Pride and Leviathan


Strongholds are areas of fleshly resistance in our lives that we know are against the will of God but seem impossible for us to change. Often they begin when we have reacted sinfully to hurts and have begun to tolerate sinful thoughts, followed by excusing sinful behaviors and followed by new sinful beliefs and expectations. When we defend all these sinful reactions instead of repenting of them, we are then defending our fleshly stronghold.

Jesus demonstrated how to overcome strongholds by praying scripture for 40 days, "It is written, It is written ... ." The Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness to be tempted (Matt. 4) and Jesus swung the Sword of the Spirit until He had victory.

In Job 41, God describes Leviathan (a stronghold of pride which has devastating effects on covenant relationships) saying that his scales are so tightly fitted that no light can come in. Strongholds are slowly built in our lives, scale by scale, until we resist any kind of ministry and claim our rights to keep them. For instance, we don't decide to have a stronghold of bitterness; we decide that because of what "they" did to us we have a right ...

  • to refuse to forgive the offender until "tomorrow"

  • to resent them for today and review our record of wrongs

  • to judge them with condemnation, avoid or attack

  • to imagine how we could even the score or retaliate

  • to allow ourselves to rage or express our wrath to others

  • to choose to hate them, not just their action

  • to imagine how to eliminate them from our world

  • to entertain murdering them with our tongues if not violence

    These are scales in the stronghold of bitterness.

**** Each student receives an 90 page manual of scriptures to pray and is able to make a corporate commitment, with the class, to pray against the stronghold of the week and get the victory. This course spends two hours exposing each stronghold until we REMEMBER areas where we have these strongholds operating in our own lives and our own blind spots are revealed.

When I began to pray these scriptures, stronghold by stronghold, I was healed of 20 out of 26 of my illnesses. They were documented illnesses, but physicians could only treat the symptoms. Praying scripture defeated them and I was healed as well.

STRONGHOLDS GIVE US A FALSE IDENTITY and we begin to agree with it saying, "I am angry" or "I am fearful" or "I am rejected" or "I am jealous." Even though we know that this is not God's higher truth about us, we feel that it is hopeless to change. Praying the Word of God in agreement with other Christians, will break it's power to hold us and bring us into agreement with God's truth about who we are in Christ.

Let us know if you would like to register. If you are not able to come here, tapes are available: all 16 tapes and the 90 page manual for $80. (includes shipping)

The Watchman Anointing

If you have wondered if you are more of an intercessor or more prophetic, the answer might be that you are called to be a Watchman. A Watchman hears God and alerts the Intercessors. I feel an urgency to have a workshop specifically for those who might be called to be Watchmen, so that we can pray the heart of God in unity for our own area, as well as the nations.

I have only the very highest respect for Martha Lucia and I knew her up close, as I lived two doors from her at Christian International. Allow me to quote Martha Lucia as she explains more about the Watchman Network ...

Martha Lucia: The Watchman Network is a gathering of input from the voice of watchman across the nations. Its purpose is a communication tool to focus on words, visions, and dreams given by the Lord that affect the nations.

In Ezekiel 33 the Lord gives a very clear picture of the watchman. The Hebrew word for watchman used in this passage, tsaphah, means to lean forward, to peer into the distance, to observe. The watchman was set in place to see the sword coming against the land and to blow the warning trumpet for all to hear. In Ezekiel 33:7 the Lord said to Ezekiel:

This is rather an awesome responsibility to bring words of warning which to some may be the smell of death, and to others the fragrance of life.

However, the call is clear and the time is now!

In the Old Testament, what the watchman is seeing he calls a "burden to be lifted up". The Hebrew word burden means, the raising of hands in prayer, a lifting up or a rising of a flame, a fire signal (smoke signal), oracle, or prophetic speech. The watchman is seen as one crying out what is coming and the intercessors as the ones who step into the gap before the Lord and begin to "make intercession", plead, and petition God on behalf of the land. They seek reconciliation between God and His fallen creation.

By recording the dreams, revelations, and oracles the Lord is giving to the watchman, the intercessors can begin to labor with the words. This will result in changing, redeeming, and confirming all things. The watchman is to guard the house of God against deception, false prophets, and false teachers, to identify the enemy, and to guard the anointing of God in the house. Jesus warned us against these things, but we need to be watching, peering, and identifying when the gate needs to be kept shut and when it should be opened - friend or foe. Since God is a God of deliverance, the words that are brought, though they may be words of warning, will bring rescue-preservation from the impending harm that had been planned.

The Watchman will become yoked together with apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and intercessors to bring about God's end-time purpose. As the Body of Christ begins to function as God designed it to be, we will begin to see that which was fractured brought into wholeness.

The time is now for the strategic planning and timing of the Lord for the watchman to arise and bring forth what God is speaking. God is longing for His church to stand as one. This will be a time of travailing and a time of laboring, so the word of the Lord can bring forth the fruit of righteousness, justice, and restoration to the Church.

"I see God strategically placing watchmen on the walls around the nations to cry out when the enemy is coming. With a network we can hear what each one is hearing, seeing, dreaming, etc. We want to know what God is doing so we can pray in agreement with the Spirit of the Lord and not against Him. We also want to hear into the camp of the enemy in order to go to war in the Spirit against his plans.

Martha Lucia,
Founder of Watchman Network
General of Intercession for Christian International Ministries Network

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