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Carlotta's Interview with her radio host Dan re Healing

Carlotta's Story: I was healed of 24 illnesses!
(Q & A at the bottom of this page)

When I first married, I was a strong young nurse who had been able to consistently work 6 night shifts a week. Little did I know that one of my patients had Tuberculosis; the Doctor's did not test for it until she died! All the staff were infected and were forced to take INH to prevent TB from developing in us. Back then, they did not know to monitor the damage to our livers and I became very sick - not from TB, but from the INH.

Before long, I had miscarried my first child, had to resign from nursing and was requiring about 11 hours of sleep a day. Unlike pain from a temporary injury, this back pain would last for many years. Chiropractic was a tremendous help as testing showed that 2/3 of my muscles were now weak. I had to stop my birth control pills as they made me more toxic. Where I was once working overtime without giving it a thought, just walking up a flight of stairs seemed like work now. For years, I wondered what was wrong.

Finally, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is "a persistent, relapsing or debilitating fatigue ... that does not improve with bed rest and reduces or impairs average daily activity level by more than 50 percent..." I had most of the symptoms: concentration problems, sore throat, joint and muscle pains, interrupted sleep, post-exertion malaise, brain fog, and that feeling that I have a virus. No amount of rest enabled me to feel rested from chronic fatigue syndrome.

(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is usually rooted in self-esteem issues due to internal conflict - between my own soul and spirit. I was striving, was driven to perform, to know my true identity, to prove myself, to earn approval or to get away from a cloud of guilt. An inability to love myself is rooted in an inability to receive God's love. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is usually accompanied by hypoglycemia -- from pushing ourselves with sugar and caffeine maybe?)

But that wasn't all. I also developed Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes pain and stiffness throughout the tissues that support and move the bones and joints. Pain and localized tender points occur in the muscles, particularly those that support the neck, spine, shoulders, and hips. The disorder includes widespread pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbances. Fibromyalgia had me hurting around the clock.

(In fibromyalgia, there is an inability to "rest" and the muscles carry the tension continuously without relief. While we may look calm on the outside, we listen to spirits of anxiety, fear, distrust, worry and doubt. I could go to sleep right away but could not rest well. I carried tension in my shoulders, my back and feet muscles, -- 24 hours a day for years and years.)

My endocrinologist would then put me on Synthroid because I had developed another illness, hypothyroidism. It is often rooted in anxiety and fear. My adrenal glands attempted to compensate but eventually became weak too. My GYN put me on injections to prevent the recurrence of ovarian cysts since my endocrine system was out of balance now. Since my immunity was compromised, I developed new problems like allergies, sinusitis, kidney infections and a hip joint infection.

(As we attack and accuse ourselves spiritually, in self-rejection, self-hatred, and self-bitterness, our body turns against itself as well. Instead of the white blood cells (WBCs) attacking infection as they were designed to do, they attack our own cells.)

As I pushed myself to try to be productive again, new calcium problems left me with bunions, spurs, arthritis and a severe case of osteoporoses with scoliosis and kyphoses. I was tested at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Ga., but they could not find the cause. Probably due to the medications, I developed gastritis, overly thin blood and low blood pressure. Then there were a few other ailments "common to man."

Fortunately, I was introduced to Shaklee vitamins and their nutritional teaching. Shaklee said that your body rebuilds itself every 3-4 years and I began to rebuild mine. I chose Shaklee because they said it has live enzymes, has never been heated and is made from real dehydrated food vs. petroleum! For more detailed info you will have to ask JoAnn at 800-780-2544. She still ships Shaklee directly to me and I didn't have to go anywhere! (Shaklee was so good that I look younger and have more color now, at 55, than I did then.)

I hobbled along, pacing myself and with lots of TLC from understanding family and friends. Unfortunately, I was not a hypochondriac; I was really diagnosed with 24 illnesses and had documentation to prove it. I had prayed for my healing with only occasional relief until I began to hear about spiritual roots of illnesses. If there was a spiritual solution, I wanted to align my thinking with Truth from the Word of God and get into a position to receive the healing that Jesus died to provide for me. Physical healing was also provided with my salvation.

He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. Psalm 103:3

I heard a Christian tape describing how Jesus had to fight the devil even though He was perfect. He declared, "It is written ... " for 40 days (Matthew 4) and was victorious. Funny, even Jesus had to fight a good fight with the Word of God. I realized that I shouldn't immediately feel condemned if I found out that my illnesses had spiritual roots. In fact, Jesus had already paid for my healing by His death on the cross and prayer was a lot cheaper than doctors. Knowing Jesus had to fight with scripture suddenly made me realize there was hope in declaring Truth from the Word of God.

When I began to study how to tear down personal fleshly strongholds by praying in agreement with scripture, I began to make some real progress. I collected 60 pages of Bible verses to renew my mind. I prayed daily against one of these strongholds: bitterness (unforgiveness, resentment, judgmental attitudes,) jealousy, unloving spirits, rejection cycles, fear, accusation, religious spirits and pride. I prayed against assignments of witchcraft against me and my family.

Within 3 months, I was healed of 24 out of 26 of my illnesses! I have to give God the credit for supernaturally healing me of all the above (except my curved spine.) I realized that the key was simple: I chose relevant scriptures and began to pray like Jesus did in Matthew 4: "It is written, It is written ... ." I was healed by agreeing with and declaring Truth from the Word of God. Whether I was sick from natural exposure to illness, ungodly reactions and attitudes, or side-effects from medications, God healed it all!

Now I have compiled my notes into a 74 page manual for my course, "Tearing Down Personal Strongholds." It is all on one computer CD which includes the manual. I make the set available to all those who are desperate for supernatural healing. It costs very little compared to the high costs of medical care today! The Bible has not lost it's power and Truth from the Word of God never comes back void!

Please let me know if you have a testimony to share on or would like to know more. Feel free to contact us or write. For more information, see our article spiritual roots of illnesses.

Thanks for listening and please let us pray for you too. Carlotta


Questions & Answers about CFS:

Do you feel that the roots and false belief systems involved in CFS vary from person to person, or are they pretty standard across the board?

After going to Pleasant Valley to study healing, I have a broader and gentler view. While spiritual doubts may made us more vulnerable, there were also natural factors that cause our bodies to over react or under react to invading cells. Most people point back to environmental factors that caused them to be in a state of immunosuppression (the body allows enemy cells, like viruses, to reproduce more actively.)
Studies have shown that CFS is not caused by Epstein Barr (mono) but it share the same cause found in victims of Agent Orange and also in heart disease!! These Doctors recommend periodic treatment with antibiotics and have found that veterans and CFS patients alike improved for awhile, until other factors suppressed their immunity again. Personally this plan helped me the most -- followed up with a more balanced schedule and receiving God's truth and love. (I still avoid people with viruses.)
According to "Running on Empty" by Katrina Berne, Ph.D., some scientists are blaming a retro-virus (RNA) and others blame a "stealth" DNA virus which may infect the brain, causing the neurological symptoms (like brain fog.) Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) acts like a viral illness which comes and goes, with a dazzling display of symptoms that vary with other health factors. "Virus" is still not a great answer because the only virus we ever eradicated was small pox.

The main factor may be primary immune dysfunction that is congenital but latent, until exposure to certain antigens creates symptoms. Factors which contribute to secondary immune deficiency may be poor nutrition, age, lack of sleep, surgery, general anesthesia, injury, certain drugs, emotional state, hormonal imbalance, stress level, and exposure to environmental toxins. I had all of the above in a short period of time.

Do you have any specific nurturing verses you recommend? I realize you said you had 60-70 pages of verses, but perhaps one or two jump out? :-)

You could use nurturing verses from Father God's Love Letter. The scripture strategy that I teach for healing the spiritual root aspect, is designed to defeat 5 strongholds: 1. bitterness, 2. jealousy/envy, 3. unloving spirits, 4. rejection, 5. and fear. We also pray 3 more weeks against 6. accusation, 7. religious spirits, and 8. pride and charismatic witchcraft. The tapes and manual can be ordered on our resources page.

If you ask them, they will say that above all they want to be well, but do they really mean it?

I have to be careful here. I don't mean to say that the spiritual factors are cause alone. Physical illness is not necessarily a deficiency in character, an indicator of disobedience or unbelief. In my case, exposure to TB + INH = liver damage = compromised immune system. My drivenness, guilt, performance anxiety, etc. was probably more a result of poor health than the cause of it. I prayed against the strongholds in order to cooperate with God for my healing.
Most of the CFS folks that I have met have literally spent 1000s of dollars trying to get well. I would say that it is always safer to address CFIDS as a separate issue and avoid entering into judgment (lest you reap the same thing.) Jesus said that not all infirmity is because someone sinned. I certainly don't have all the answers. I relate to the blind man that said, "ALL I know is that I was blind and now I can see." I just know Jesus died to heal all of our diseases and I chose to line my thinking up with His truth and to receive His healing, body, soul and spirit.

A long time ago I was praying for someone and I had a vision of a complex spider web, with three main glob areas. I interpreted that to mean that there were three major lies involved and that they overlapped and intertwined.

I can relate to this view because I say that our fleshly structures and illnesses can have multiple spiritual causes: generational, ungodly beliefs, partially healed hurts, judgments, bitter expectations, inner vows, our own sins sowed, rebellion against God's plans, inability to receive God's love etc. Jesus usually prayed for both healing or deliverance because we need healing in our body, soul and spirit. See this strong pattern of praying for healing and deliverance in the book of Luke.

Thank God, that the world is recognizing the body/soul/spirit connections. Hopefully, the church will minister more effectively to body, soul and spirit too.

May you be sanctified body, soul and spirit as your soul prospers.
Receiving Father God's love and healing, Carlotta